Pike's Peak Pilgrimage Medallion Commemorating the 100th Anniversary (1899-1999) of the Time Capsule Dedication and Memorial Marker

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These medallions were minted for the Centennial Pikes Peak Pilgrimage 1899 - 1999. There were less than 1000 made and are about 1.5 inches in diameter made of heavy copper.

One side shows the General Grand Councils emblem with "York Rite" on the top and "Cryptic Masons" on the bottom. The other side on top "Centennial Pikes Peak Pilgrimage", under that the representation of the bronze plate that was on top of the Peak for 100 years. It says from top to bottom "Deposited September 6th, A.D. 1999 A. D.  Original deposit by Ellsworth Council No. 9 August 11,1899, Edward W. Wellington the Ill. Master. A (APH) O , Under sanction of the Grand Council of Colorado Averill L. Tursor Most Ill. Grand Master assisted by the Grand Council of Kansas, John H. Dougan Jr. Most Ill Grand Master. Original deposit was returned to the craft September 6th, 1999 to be returned to the Craft after One hundred years have elapsed. 1899 - 1999"

This Deposit on the top of Pikes Peak was started by Ellsworth Council No. 9 Royal & Select Masters of Ellsworth, Kansas. It started during the week of August 6th to 13th, 1899 and was removed and a new deposit made Labor Day weekend 1999 by the members and Grand Councils of Kansas and Colorado. It’s a great story and there are books available that tell the story, contact me by email if interested in the book. 

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Here is a picture of the Bronze Plate covering the time capsule on the top of Pike's Peak.  It is also shown on the face of the 1999 Pilgrimage Medallion.

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The circle in the pictures above show where the deposit is on the top of Pikes Peak, right out on a ledge for 100 years, just think what has passed by.




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