Joseph Rodgers & Sons

Masonic Straight Razor


This early Masonic Razor in pristine condition was made by the Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Cutlers to their majesties, No. 6 Norfolk street of Sheffield, England.  They were very popular 1890 - 1920 before double edge razors appeared on the scene.  The Masonic decorations are acid etched into the metal blade.  It is hard to find a nice one these days as the blades rust easily and the horn handles will shatter if dropped.  They are being reproduced today with the symbolism printed on the blade and they have plastic handles.  Don't be fooled by the reproductions... these originals are hard to find.

A special "Thank you" to Bro. David Connelly.Canberra, Australia, Lodge Capitol No.612 for submitting the pictures and text of this beautiful presentation piece!





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