Royal Order of Jesters

75th Anniversary Medallion

This beautiful 3 inch copper medallion was minted to commemorate the 75th Anniversary (1911-1986) of the Royal Order of Jesters.  It depicts a Jester posing at the top above the masks of comedy and tragedy with the billiken at the bottom! 

The back of the medallion depicts a relief of Hawaii, with Diamond Head and the cruise ship Wilhelmina in the background.

  Jesters, usually so-called, but more formally named the Royal Order of Jesters, is an organization evolved out of the good fellowship of members of the Mystic Shrine during a voyage to Honolulu, February 15 to March 7, 1911.  An offhand ceremony grew into a ritual, and to local Courts and a National Body, very much of its success due to the initiative of William S. Brown, many years the Treasurer of the Mystic Shrine; Lou B. Winsor, Past Imperial Potentate and Grand Secretary of Michigan, and others of their genial kind who organized and led the Body whose local units were limited to thirteen initiates yearly.  Initiation, by invitation, and unanimous ballot, limited to members in good standing of the Mystic Shrine.  The slogan "Mirth is King," expounded by Jester Brown, and the poem by Edmund Rowland Sill, "The Fool's Prayer," recited by Jester Winsor, have furnished inspiration.  Officers, thirteen, bear the titles:  Director, Tragedian, Property Man, Impressario, Treasurer, Soubrette, Light Comedian, Serio Comic, Heavy Man, Leading Lady, Judge, High Constable, Stage Manager; the national officer's titles are the same but preceded by the word Royal.




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