Early Royal Arch Mason Jewel

This beautiful hand-made Royal Arch Mason jewel dates to the Revolutionary War and is a fine example of what early Masonic jewels looked like.  This jewel has the name of the Lodge and the name of the individual owner Erastus Spalding, (1798 - 1874) - male b. 2 MAR 1798 in Scipio, Cayuga County, New York d. 9 MAY 1874 in Le Roy, Genesee County, New York.  He was a Past Master of Scipio Lodge No. 58.  In the 1821 Military Minutes of the Council of Appointments of the State of New York in Cayuga County, Erastus Spalding was promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant in the Second Squadron, Fifth Division of Calvary. 

This jewel also has the original owners "mark" which is the "[pre 1830] regular army eagle" on the chapter penny within the circle K, S, H, T, W, S, S, T.  These letters are esoteric and cannot be explained here.  Royal Arch Masons remember the order of the these letters with the humorous phrase "King Solomon Had Twelve Wives Some Say Twenty".  Both sides of this jewel display the Three Great Lights which are the Holy Bible, Square and Compasses.  Working tools on this jewel are the square and compasses, plumb and common gavel.  Symbolism includes the Sun, Moon and Stars, as well as the Pillars of Boaz and Jachin.  It measures 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide and is made of silver.  It is a wonderful example of early craftsmanship.

 A special "Thank You" to Brother Rick Hunt for submitting the pictures and history of this beautiful jewel!





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