Mysteries of the Sacred Universe

The Cosmology of the Bhāgavata Purāna

Richard L. Thompson

From the flat earth to the sun's chariot, traditional spiritual texts often seem wedded to outmoded cosmologies that show, at best, the scientific limitations of their authors.  The Bhāgavata Purāna, one of the classical scriptures of Hinduism, seems, at first glance, to be no exception.  However, a closer examination of this text reveals unexpected depths of knowledge in ancient cosmology.  Mysteries of the Sacred Universe shows that the cosmology of the Bhāgavata Purāna is a sophisticated system, with multiple levels of meaning that encode at least four different astronomical, geographical, and spiritual world models.

By viewing the text in the light of modern astronomy, Richard Thompson shows how ancient scientists expressed exact knowledge in apparently mythological terms.  Comparison with the ancient traditions of Egypt and the Near East shows early cultural connections between India and these regions--including a surprisingly advanced science.  However, quantitative science is only part of the picture.  Mysteries of the Sacred Universe also offers a clear understanding of how the spiritual dimension was integrated into ancient Indian cosmology.

"A revolution our understanding of the cosmology of the Puranas is in the making here.  This book offers a way of reading ancient Indian texts that is profoundly interesting, that overturns a long history of scholarly undervaluation of the supposedly "only mythological" contents of Puranic literature."  --Professor Gene Thursby of the University of Florida

"Gripping, scholarly and groundbreaking.  Mysteries of the Sacred Universe deserves to be widely read and discussed."  --Robert Bauval, coauthor of The Orion Mystery and The Message of the Sphinx

Softbound, 375 pages, 104 illustrations, 51 tables, glossary, bibliography, index

ISBN 0-9635309-3-3

Mysteries of the Sacred Universe Interactive CD

250 color pictures - 23 computer graphic animations - 13 interactive picture sequences - a 48-minute video of all topics (also sold separately)

For Windows Only, version 95 or later; not yet for Mac - Pentium 166 MHz or greater - 4x CD-ROM or faster - 16MB RAM or more - True Color 640 x 480 video card - Sound card - ISBN 0-9635309-7-6

"The CD accompanying this book is also outstanding.  The graphics are spellbinding."  --Prof. S. Kak of Louisiana State University

Book: $15.95  CD: $14.95  Video:  $14.95  Any two: $24.95  All:  $36.95

Plus Shipping Charge--Book rate (U.S.):  $2.25; Priority mail (U.S.): $4.35; Foreign airmail (most countries): $9.95

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