Masonic Setting Maul FOB




This heavy setting maul is marked 'REG No  S91718 - 9CT & SIL.'   It measures 1inch tall, 9/16 inch diameter and when open measures 1and 3/4 inches between the star points.  The base is beautifully hand engraved with the three letter cipher of its original owner.  The setting maul was a wooden hammer used by Operative Masons to set the stones in their proper place in the mortar.  It is in Speculative Masonry a symbol in the Third Degree, reminding us of death of the builder of the Temple, which is said to have been effected by this instrument. 

A special "Thanks" to Brother Chris Nicholson of Lennox Lodge No. 123 (established in 1763-the oldest Lodge in the Province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings, United Grand Lodge of England), for sharing these pictures of the above setting maul fob from his personal collection.




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