1909 Aleppo Shrine Temple Tobacco Tin

Here is a picture of the Aleppo Tobacco Tin.  It was given out at their annual meeting and New Years Eve Dance on December 31st, 1909.  It measures 3 1/4 " long x 2 1/8" wide x 7/8" deep.  It was manufactured by Larus & Bros. Co. of Richmond, VA.  They were very well known for their brand of "Edgeworth" Tobacco.  As a matter of interest, this was their stock (small) tin and was custom ordered by Aleppo Temple for this occasion.

 A special "Thanks" to Noble Brother John Kemp, a 26 year member of Gizeh Shrine Temple in British Columbia, Canada and an avid Masonic collector, for submitting the photographs and descriptions of the above Master Mason tobacco tins.  Bro. John trades on eBay under the User ID of "17030".  You can contact him through eBay if you would like to talk to him about his Syria Temple Glass Collection.




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