1914 Imperial Council Session Spoon - Atlanta, GA

This beautiful Sterling Silver Shrine spoon originated from the Shrine of North America Imperial Council Session held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1914.  The Shrine Logo is engraved in the bowl along with "Atlanta" and "1914".  The handle is decorated in porcelain and depicts a Sabal or Palmetto Palm Tree.    It commemorates the 40th Imperial Council Session at the Lyric Theatre auditorium in Atlanta Georgia on May 12, 1914.

The palmetto tree or sabal palm trunk grows more like grass than a typical tree trunk. Cabbage palms also do not have annual rings but grow segments of leaves at the top each year. The leaves are long with straight lines of parallel veins.

Capable of reaching 90 feet or more in the woods (when shaded or protected by surrounding trees) Sabal palmetto is usually seen at 40 to 50 feet in height. The palm is an amazingly sturdy native tree with a rough, fibrous trunk that is quite variable in shape, from straight and erect, to curved or leaning.

Palmetto is actually a name that comes from the Spanish word palmito or little palm. It was probably misnamed because the tree is often seen as a small tree in the understory.

A special "Thank You" to Brother Fred Lowstetter for sharing pictures of this wonderful spoon with our museum.





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