Moslah Shrine Temple 

Circus Clown Mug Collection

ShrineCircusClown1968MoslahMug1.jpg (14536 bytes)

Moslah Shrine Circus 1968

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ShrineCircusClown1971MoslahMug1.jpg (19325 bytes)

Moslah Shrine Circus 1971

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ShrineCircusClown1972MoslahMug1.jpg (19130 bytes)

Moslah Shrine Circus 1972

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ShrineCircusClown1973MoslahMug1.jpg (18373 bytes)

Moslah Shrine Circus 1973

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ShrineCircusClown1974MoslahMug1.jpg (19196 bytes)

Moslah Shrine Circus 1974

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ShrineCircusClown1976MoslahMug1.jpg (19330 bytes)

Moslah Shrine Circus 1976

ShrineCircusClown1976MoslahMug2.jpg (4838 bytes)

This wonderful collection of Shrine Circus Clowns were hand-painted on coffee mugs by "M. Holcombe Sellars".    They are from Moslah Shrine Temple located in Ft. Worth, Texas and were painted during the years quoted above.  Shrine Circus Clowns are the most popular attractions for the kids, big and small, and are always seen in Shrine parades and circus performances.  If any of you out there should come across more of these clown mugs we'd certainly like to have pictures of them!

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