Shrine Tobacco/Cigar Humidor

 by Handel

ShrineTobaccoHumidorHandel1.jpg (42025 bytes)



This Humidor is in perfect condition, no chips cracks or repairs. On the bottom it is signed "Handel" and under that "Handel Ware" to the left is "#2379-194" , it is 6" high and 4.5" wide. On the Top is a Red Fez with black Tassel and the word CIGARS. It is Green and Purplish brown in color.  This is a very rare item by HANDEL.

Philip Handel was best known for the art glass lamps he produced at the turn of the century, at a factory established in Meriden, Connecticut. Handel made gas and electric lamps with both leaded glass and reverse-painted shades. Handel scenic shades often reflect nature although in a much more diverse way than Tiffany or Pairpoint who focused more exclusively on floral designs. Teroma lampshades were created from clear blown glass blanks that were painted on the interior (reverse painted), while Teroma art glass (the decorative vases, humidors, etc. in the Handel Ware line) is painted on the exterior. This type of glassware has a 'chipped ice effect' achieved by sand blasting and coating the surface with fish glue. The piece is then kiln fired at 800 degrees F. The contraction of the glue during the cooling process gives the glass a frosted, textured effect. Both the glassware and chinaware decorated by Handel are rare and command high prices on today's market. Many of Handel's chinaware blanks were supplied by Limoges.





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