Past Potentate Jewel from 

Osiris Shrine Temple







This early Past Potentate Jewel is representative of the wealth one must have had going through the chairs of the Shrine at the turn-of-the-century.  This jewel is 18 kt gold with a ruby in the suspended star and real Bengal Tiger Claws used to form the crescent moon.  The face on the sphinx is carved in moonstone on this piece but have seen it also in tiger eye in other jewels.   The back of this jewel is finished as well as the front, a sign of quality craftsmanship, and the Temple Charter Date of July 22, 1886 and the name of the Potentate is Frederick Hess who served as potentate in 1994.  This particular jewel has been recycled from 1914.  The original potentate who wore it was Charles E. Carrigan and is engraved on the back.  They don't get much nicer than this!  

A special "Thank You" to Frederick's wife Virginia Hess for donating this beautiful jewel to our museum!




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