Wonderful Shrine of North America Shaving Mug



This beautiful Shrine of North America mug depicts a detailed desert scene with an Egyptian theme that wraps completely around the mug. There are two Shrine emblems with the Crescent Moon, Scimitar, Pharaoh, and star. The mug is hand-painted with the name R.J. Thompson, and is in perfect condition, except for some minor crazing in the glaze which is normal for a piece of this age (c.1920). The gold shows no wear and is original to the mug.  It appears to have had very little use. On the bottom is a stamp showing the mug was made by K.T. & K. (Knolls, Taylor & Knolls).  It measures 3-5/8 inches tall x 3-5/8 inches in diameter across the top rim.




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