Shriner's Nippon Dragon Handle Mug 


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This is a wonderful old hand painted mug that is artist signed and embossed dragon designed figural handled mug. This mug and the hand painting that is on it remind me of blown out Nippon. This shows a Shriner riding a camel while another new candidate grabbing the camels tail (the rope) while the camel bites the seat of his britches.  The Shiner and the candidate are "crossing the Hot Sands" in the Egyptian desert surrounded by the palm trees. It also has a presentation painted on the side "F.J.M. Hanging on to the Rope."  This mug is about 4 3/4" tall. The artists name is G. GUY . I believe this mug to be from the early 1920's. This mug has no other marking besides the painters and is in great condition.




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