1926 Shenango China

 Happy Partying Shriner Plate

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This colorful plate plays on the theme of a Happy Shriner who obviously has partied just a little too much!  My Shrine buddies thought that this fellow had gone thru the HOT SANDS and MADE IT !!! You can see the hot sands around the border.  Thatís why he was beat up but happy!  Shriners' are also known for the Fun they have at their Temples and Imperial Council Sessions and if this is the case then this poor Noble looks like he's had all he can handle.  This plate was not produced under the authority of any Shrine Temple as the Noble Brother pictured in the center is not the image that the Shrine of North America intended to promote, however, it was very popular and sold well for the Shenango China Company.   It measures 10 3/4 inches in diameter.




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