Shrinetennial Medallions 

(Gold and Bronze)

Shrine100AnnMed1.jpg (29334 bytes)   Shrine100AnnMedal2.jpg (27213 bytes)

Shrine50Hosp1.jpg (32762 bytes)  Shrine50Hosp2.jpg (26355 bytes)

These Shrinetennial Medallions celebrate 100 Years of Shrinedom (1872-1972) in North America and the 50th Anniversary of their Shrine Hospital Charities that were begun in 1922.  Both medallions have a ring on them for wearing on a neck chain or used as a key tag.

A special "Thanks" to Mrs. Joy Cook of St. Petersburg, Florida who was a secretary at Kosair Shrine Temple for 25 years for donating these beautiful medallions to our museum.  Thanks again Joy!!!




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