The Iron Worker and King Solomon

Here is an absolutely beautiful and magnificent engraving of the Iron Worker and King Solomon.  The text at the bottom of the print reads:  Entered according to an Act of Congress in the year 1889 in the Office of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.  It was engraved by John Sartain in Philadelphia.  It was published by the Macoy Publishing Co. and Masonic Supply in New York.  The original was painted by Professor C. Schussele in 1864 for the collection of the late Joseph Harrison.  On the bottom of the print it states:  When the Temple of Jerusalem was completed King Solomon gave a Feast to the artificers employed in its construction.  On unveiling the Throne it was found that a smith had usurped a seat of honor on the right of the Kings place not yet awarded.  Where upon the people clamored and the guard rushed to cut him down, “Hold!  Let him speak” commanded Solomon.  Thou hast O’ King invited all craftsmen but me, yet how could these builders raise the Temple without the tools I have fashioned?  True, decreed Solomon… the seat is his of right.  All honor to the Iron Worker!

The Iron Worker and King Solomon in Color




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