Masonic Spinning Ball FOB

This is a fantastic example of a very rare spinning Masonic ball fob dated to 1919.  Date letter U.  The registration mark reads 7910/ 0 Pat Ap.  Made in solid 9ct rose gold the fob is highly unusual in format being a fixed dome top engraved with Masonic symbols Suspended below sits another ball that rotates, also engraved with Masonic Symbols.

It was made by a Birmingham jewelers in England with the makers initials JJ,  Sadly little is known as to who this was, a maker now lost to history.  The weight of this fob is 5 grams.  Diameter approx. 20mm  The fob has now found its way on to the chain of a private collector of masonic fobs and sits along side some other very rare examples.

"Thank You" to Wor. Bro. Paul McEvoy of Goulburn Menturia Lodge 3478, England which meets in Bolton in Lancashire UK 

Wor. Bro. Paul also does a bit of trading on eBay under the name paulmcevoy1 

We Thank him for sharing this beautiful FOB from his private collection with our museum!






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