1913 Scottish Rite Bronze Vase

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This is a real gem  -- a Bronze and Sterling vase from Pasadena, California, with the Scottish Rite double-headed eagle and dated 1913. What's more, it's made by an important arts and crafts era manufacturer -- Heintz Art Metal Shop.   The vase itself is sterling silver over bronze and made at the absolute height of the American Arts and Crafts movement when Freemasonry was also experiencing its Golden Age. The vase itself is beautiful. It is 6 inches high, three inches wide, and perfectly symmetrical. On The bottom, it is marked with “HAMS” in a diamond shape, the model number 3581, and the words “sterling on bronze pat. Aug. 27, 12” which was only a short time before the vase was made. The bronze appears to have its original patina as does the silver. I do not think this has ever been polished. Also, on the silver part, the branch on which the eagle stands is marked “sterling” on the right side.

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