Scottish Rite and York Rite Watch FOB Combination

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This is a fine example of Masonic Jewelry.   It is a Watch Fob with four different colors of enameling on a three part hinge of 14 kt yellow gold.  On the outside is cast the Scottish Rite Double Headed Eagle with the 32nd Degree symbol in black enamel.  The other side is also engraved.  The central portion is a black enameled cross with an engraved Past Masters emblem of the Rose Croix with the Pelican pecking at her breast to feed her babies.  Also on the inside is the Prince of Jerusalem 16th Degree emblem in blue, white and black enameling.  An inner panel also has the All Seeing Eye from Blue Lodge Masonry.  The back panel has the Knight Templar Passion Cross and Crown with the Latin motto "In Hoc Signo Vinces" which means "By this sign thou shall conquer."  This FOB is hinged and snaps altogether to form one solid piece.  It weights 28.1 grams.




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