Early Bronze Scottish Rite 

Letter Opener

SRBronzeLetterOpener1.jpg (11428 bytes)  SRBronzeLetterOpener2.jpg (7109 bytes)   SRBronzeLetterOpener3.jpg (11275 bytes)  SRBronzeLetterOpener4.jpg (7094 bytes)

Here is a nice old Scottish Rite bronze letter opener.  The back has double-headed eagle with the 32 Degree in a triangle on the eagles chest, below that is the Teutonic Cross, then the 18th Degree  Rose Croix, then the inverted triangle bearing the "Perfect Elu" and finally the Square and Compasses with the Letter "G".  The front bears the double-headed eagle and says "Greetings of the Season from Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - Seattle, at bottom there is a shovel and a pick with crossed handles with the initials mb.  I think this is probably the designers and/or makers mark... certainly another brother Mason who was a well-known artificer in brass and other metals.




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