Scottish Rite 32nd Degree 

Class Photo & Frame

srframe1.jpg (100591 bytes)     srframe2.jpg (93668 bytes)

This is an absolutely stellar vintage l905 gold imprinted photo with its original carved frame!  Large Image size: 16 1/2" x 13" and wood incised frame size:  31"x 27". Mat board marked lower right of photo "P.T. Ryder, Syracuse, N.Y."    Interesting turn of the century photo or photo process All Gold Printed below photo on charcoal gray mat: "Class of 1905, Central City Consistory, S:P:R:S: 32', A.A.S.R.".. with a cameo of Theodore M. Barber, Commander In Chief and with a line listing of all the members photographed.  LOOK AT THE INCREDIBLE LARGE ORIGINAL WOOD FRAME!   It is incised "pyrographed" all over with lightly green tinted acorn leaves; a depiction of an American double headed eagle at top; a Masonic Apron at bottom that says "Oriental No. 224"; and a shield on the left that says "Oneida Chapter No. 3(8)7"  A shield on the right that says Utica, NY".




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