Scottish Rite Sterling Silver 

Pilots Bracelet

SR Silver Braclet1.jpg (75172 bytes)

This sterling silver mans bracelet is in very good condition save some slight wear on the upper wings.   It is a 3 section overlay application made by DIEGES & CLUST jewelers of New York and marked STERLING. It has the 32 Degree Scottish Rite emblem with the double headed eagle on the top center.    It has two horse shoes low on each side with the number 13 inside each one, between these a large pair of wings spread and up.  I believe the larger wings to be pilot wings.  The eagle is standing atop a sword clutched in its talons that has a banner draped over each end of the sword that reads SPES MEA IN DEO EST (see photo) which is a Latin motto and means "My hope is in God."   It measures 2 3/4 inches wide by 1 inch high by 3/8 inch thick and is very heavy.




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