Scottish Rite Three Paneled

Milk Glass Portrait Vase

SRMilkGlassVase1.jpg (20032 bytes)    SRMilkGlassVase2.jpg (22235 bytes)    SRMilkGlassVase3.jpg (20217 bytes)

This three-paneled milk glass vase pictures three prominent Scottish Rite Masons.  The first panel pictures George Wilberforce McCandles, 32nd Degree, Commander-in-Chief, Pittsburgh, September 18-21, 1916.  Second panel, Ill. Barton Smith, 33rd Degree, M.P. Sovereign Grand Commander, Supreme Council 33rd Degree. Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, USA.   Third panel, Ill. James Isaac Buchanan, 33rd Degree, Deputy for Pennsylvania.   All the pictures are brown transfers with brown lettering on a yellow vase shaded to white in panels and stands 8 inches overall.




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