1820's Incised Stoneware Masonic Jug



Pictured above is a very rare stoneware jug with an approximate capacity of three gallons.  It stands 15 inches tall and is decorated with very intricate incised Masonic Square and Compasses.  There are also a few plant like designs which could symbolize Sprigs of Acacia.  All the designs are highlighted with bright cobalt blue.  There is an incised "J" but no other visible makers marks.  A stoneware expert has suggested that this jug may have been made by J. Boynton.  There are several Boynton pieces that have similar incising techniques.  The traditional Masonic Square and Compasses logo has the square below the compass.  A Tyler marked jug with Masonic symbols also has the compass below the square.  Tyler took over the Boynton Pottery operation in 1826.  The lip finish strongly suggests Boynton as the maker.


A special "Thanks" to Brother Steve Kapp (kalbo on Ebay) for submitting the pictures of this wonderful stoneware jug.  Steve is a Master Mason and a Masonic Collector who is affiliated with the below listed Masonic bodies:

Leonard Wood Lodge No. 105, Angeles City, Philippines
Cavite York Rite, Cavite, Philippines
Okinawa Scottish Rite, Okinawa, Japan  (Valley of Okinawa and Guam) Aloha Temple, Honolulu, Hawaii




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