Masonic Poster of the Patron Saints of Freemasonry

St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist

Saint John the Baptist is one of the Patron Saints of Freemasonry, and at one time, indeed, the only one, the name of Saint John the Evangelist having been introduced subsequent to the sixteenth century.  His festival occurs on the 24th of June, and is very generally celebrated by the Masonic Fraternity.  Dalcho (Ahiman Rezon, page 150) says that "the stern integrity of Saint John the Baptist, which induced him to to forego every minor consideration in discharging the obligations he owed to God; the unshaken firmness with which he met martyrdom rather than betray his duty to his Master; his steady reproval of vice, and continued preaching of repentance and virtue, make him a fit patron of the Masonic Institution."  Illustrations:  Sts John (1)  Sts John (2)  Sts John (3)  Sts John (4)

Saint John the Evangelist is the other Patron Saint of Freemasonry, whose Festival is celebrated on the 27th of December.  His constant admonition, in his Epistles, to the cultivation of brotherly love, and the mystical nature of his Apocalyptic visions, have been, perhaps, the principal reasons for the veneration paid to him by the Craft.  





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