Early Sunderland Lustre Pitcher

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Sunderland Lustre Pitchers are the most beautiful of all English pottery!  Their pink and gold fisheye decor highlights the black Masonic transfers and poems.  They were made for export and sold to Lodges as water pitchers.  This one has a couple of Masonic poems:  (1) "The world is in pain, our secrets to gain, But still let them wonder and gaze on, They ne'er (never) can divine, The word nor the sign, Of a Free 'an Accepted Mason."  (2) "Let Masonry from pole to pole, Her sacred laws expand, Far as the mighty waters roll, To wash remotest land; That virtue has not left mankind, Her social maxims prove, For stamp'd upon the Masons mind, are unity and love.  It measures 8 1/8 inches tall and 5 1/4 inches in diameter at the base.  Estimated auction value on a pitcher in nice condition is $1,000.+




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