1905 Syria Temple Toothpick Barrel

Clear and Ruby (Reproduction)

Syria1905ClearRubyTP1.jpg (51627 bytes)

Syria1905ClearRuby2.jpg (60291 bytes)

Each year Syria Temple produced novelty glass items to commemorate the Imperial Shrine Session that they were to attend.  These glass items were sold and traded much like todays baseball cards and pins and were the most sought after collectibles at these conventions.  Syria Temple commissioned Westmoreland Glass Co. and United States Glass Company to produce a different glass each year with a "theme" suited to the city that they were visiting.   The year this toothpick barrel was made, 1905, the Imperial Session was held in Niagara Falls, New York.  The barrel was used because early attempts had already been made by people to go over Niagara Falls in Barrels.  This toothpick barrel done in clear and ruby colors is a reproduction made from the original Westmoreland molds.  It is painted by machine and highlights the names and lettering in white.  We show the reproductions here so you can distinguish the difference between these and the real thing.  The real toothpick barrels were cobalt blue and amethyst with hand-painted gold bands and detailing.




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