1909 Syria Temple Champagne Glass

 Louisville, Kentucky

Syria1909Glass1.jpg (42919 bytes)  Syria1909Glass2.jpg (47502 bytes)

Each year Syria Shrine Temple produced a glass to commemorate the Imperial Council Session that they were to attend.  These glasses were sold and traded much like todays baseball cards and pins and were the most sought after collectibles at these conventions.  Syria Temple commissioned Westmoreland Glass Co. and United States Glass Company to produce a different glass each year with a "theme" suited to the city that they were visiting.  When they went to Louisville Kentucky as seen above they chose a glass with amber colored tobacco leaves and scimitars on the base (Kentucky grew a lot of shade tobacco at the time) and the bowl has a "Lucky Horseshoe" (representative of the Kentucky Derby).  It measures 4 3/8 inches tall.


This totally gilded glass was found by Bro. Fred Lowstetter!  He shared these pictures of his glass with us to see if any other Syria Temple glass collectors had every found another glass similar to this one!  If not, then this one is one-of-a-kind!




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