1916 Syria Temple Milk-Glass Tumbler

Buffalo, New York


Each year Syria Shrine Temple produced a glass to commemorate the Imperial Council Session that they were to attend.  These glasses were sold and traded much like todays baseball cards and pins and were the most sought after collectibles at these conventions.  Syria Temple commissioned Westmoreland Glass Co. to produce a different glass each year with a "theme" suited to the city that they were visiting.  This milk-glass tumbler was designed for the Imperial Session in Buffalo, New York, July, 1916, hence the painted buffalo.   This glass has the names of the Temple Representatives printed above the buffalo and it stands 3 1/2 inches tall.  Also note the change in style of the time... milk-glass was the latest rage among the ladies and the Temple attempted to follow their demand.


This is a newly discovered Syria Temple milk glass is dated July 11, 12, 13, 1916 and commemorates the trip to Buffalo, N.Y.  On the back is Syria Temple's Potentate Bill steering the ship to their destination!  This piece is 3 1/2"tall and 2" across in diameter. 

A special "Thank You" to Brother Fred Lowstetter for submitting pictures of this very rare glass to our museum!

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