1906 Syria Temple Salad Plate 

and Orange Tulip Cup

Syria1906SaladPlate1.jpg (43082 bytes)

Syria1906TulipCup1.jpg (23126 bytes)

Syria1906TulipCup2.jpg (24902 bytes)

This salad plate and tulip cup with twig handle commemorates the 1906 Imperial Shrine Session in Los Angeles.  The important trivia fact to note is that this Council Session never took place as California was rocked earlier that year by a massive earthquake and the damage postponed the Imperial Council Session to the next year 1907.  The salad plate was decorated in flowers and trimmed in gold.  It measures 6 inches in diameter.  The orange tulip shaped cup has a green twig handle and is marked "Syria - Pittsburgh" on the bottom.  The cup stands 2 1/4 inches high and 3 1/3 inches in diameter at the top rim.




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