Early DeMoulin Traitor's Judgment Stand

This is an early Traitor's Judgment Stand made by the DeMoulin Bros. & Co. of Greenville, Illinois in 1893.  It was used in side degree work before a new candidate was officially initiated into the Lodge.  It was one of the easiest and most honest-looking pieces of Lodge furniture to introduce.  The candidate, after having met with various experiences, such as the Molten Lead Test, the Branding Test, Iron Test, Spikey Stool, Electric Lavatory, or any other test where a fictitious charge can be originated, is asked to take a position on the judgment stand while the Lodge disposes of his case.  After members have discussed his case, pro and con, one makes a motion that they let the "subject" drop.  The presiding officer announces that the motion has carried, ending with a loud rap of the gavel. and just at that moment the attendant presses the lever, allowing the "subject" to drop.

Or the candidate might be given an opportunity to plead his own case.  Just when he gets very earnest in explaining the reasons for his conduct, the attendant does his duty.

If the candidate is found guilty and sentenced to be shot, bring out the cannon (Big Busy Bertha).  Just as it is fired let the candidate drop. 

If electric lights are used in the Lodge room, this scene can be made more impressive by throwing the switch, leaving the room in total darkness, just as the cartridge explodes.  Everybody should keep perfectly quiet for a moment.  Then turn the lights on again and the candidate will be looking up for the hole in the ceiling through which he thinks he has fallen.

To see the DeMoulin Bros. & Co. Catalog with the many side degree stunts they had available (click here).

A special "Thanks" from Brother Al Lohman, a 30 year collector and 30+ year Masonic Lodge member from Wisconsin.  Al trades on eBay under the User ID  "lochlohman"

We'd also like to "Thank" Brother Jerry Stotler ("jstot" on eBay) for contributing the catalog pages showing the various models of DeMoulin Side Degree Stunts that were available.




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