Trench Art Masonic Lamp from Oxoboxo Lodge No. 116

This beautiful trench art lamp was presented to Oxoboxo Lodge No. 116, Montville, Connecticut on 21 March 1939 by Brother James Delpaggio.  The Lodge then presented brother James with a Masonic ring as a token of the appreciation and esteem that the members of the Lodge had for him and his devotion to Oxoboxo Lodge.

This lamp is 40 inches tall.  It is made of brass and steel and weighs over 40 pounds.  It is surmounted by a five pointed star at the top.  The stand is solid brass and has the level on the left side and the plumb on the right side.  At the base is the Mosaic Pavement representing the ground floor of King Solomon's Temple.  It also depicts the three, five, and seven steps, and at the top is the two great pillars of Boaz and Jachin.  Between the pillars is the Square and Compasses with the Letter "G".  On the outer sides and on top of the pillars are the two globes representing the terrestrial and celestial spheres.  The rear of the lamp has embossed filigree.  The projectile is highly polished steel and is adorned with three hand painted shades.

The lamp is used by Oxoboxo Lodge to signify what degree the Lodge is working in.  With one lamp turned on it is working in the Entered Apprentice degree, with two lamps on the FellowCraft degree, with all three lamps on the Master Mason degree.

A special "Thank You" to Worshipful Brother Richard B. Lord of Oxoboxo Lodge No. 116 for submitting the pictures and description of this wonderful lamp!





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