Early Victorian Dagger 

with Masonic Symbolism

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This early dagger is covered with Masonic symbolism.  It is almost 9 3/4 inches in overall length.  The blade is 5 1/2 inches.  It is in excellent condition with its wonderfully gilded blade. The handle looks like it is made of buffalo horn.  It is a high quality dagger and the leather washer between the pommel and the blade is still present and looks very old. The blade has been blued and there are many early Masonic emblems with the motto "Memento Mori" over the skull and crossbones, a Masonic device which is a reminder of mortality. Other emblems include the Sun and Stars, King Solomon's Seal or the Star of David, an early Square, and a butterfly surrounded by a serpent biting his tail.   As a symbol, the serpent obtained a prominent place in all the ancient initiations and religions.  Among the Egyptians it was the symbol of Divine Wisdom when extended at length, and the serpent with his tail in his mouth was an emblem of eternity.




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