Historical Masonic Pre- "Third Reich"

Documents with Wax Seals

Below each seal picture is the name of the original Lodge.

Pictured above are historical wax-seals found on precious Masonic documents of mainly German Freemason-Lodges.  These materials are now entrusted to the Prussian Secret State Archives, stored in the collection of seals is a new stock. They were purchased in 2006 by Dresdner Lodge "Zu den drei Schwertern und Asträa zur grünenden Raute"  ("Along with three swords and the Astraea ) ".  It was an accidental attic discovery by the members of Lodge "Zu den drei Bergen" i.O. Freiberg (Sachsen) (Saxony).  Whose real treasure of German Masonic-history was hidden in 1933 due to Nazis-chastisement.


Some of those Lodges no longer exist, because Freemasons where being persecuted and many of them were murdered in Nazi concentration camps. Some of the older seals show Lodge-names, now in Poland-Territory

This wax-seal-compilation is stored correctly [in the Saxon State and University Library] with permission from the biggest European Masonic-Encyclopaedia www.freimaurer-wiki.de  and his cooperations.

We thank the “sword-brothers” for the release of the material for the Masonic Wiki.   In particular Pictokon and brother Thomas Jacob for their support: Pictokon Research and Data Archive: www.pictokon.net/




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