Western Star Lodge No. 21 - 100th Anniversary Pitcher

(1813 - 1913)

This pitcher was a personal presentation to Past Master Fritz T. Jeannot who served as Worshipful Master from 1885-1886.  Worshipful Brother Jeannot was a long time Youngstown jeweler.  In his younger days he served in the Ohio Infantry during the Civil War.  He was a respected pillar of the community and belonged to many Masonic organizations including Youngstown Chapter No. 93 Royal Arch Masons, St. John's Commandery No. 20, Koran Shrine Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. and at the time of his death from pneumonia at the age of 88 (April 9, 1924) he was a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Mason in the Cincinnati Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

Western Star Lodge No. 21 as it appeared in 1813 on the left and 1913 on the right.

This pitcher depicts various Masonic symbolism not usually seen on other Masonic pottery.  Above is pictured a sheaf of wheat suspended near a waterfall.

The Broken Column statue

Should be two right hands clasping, but this looks representative of Masonic Charity.

The common gavel and the 24 inch gage.

Salt, charcoal and clay.

The Point within a Circle.

The Lamb skin or white leather apron.

The All-Seeing Eye, Sun, Moon and Stars.

Western Star Lodge No. 21 was granted a dispensation to establish a Lodge of Ancient York Masons on January 17, 1813. Their charter was granted on January 4, 1816. The lodge met at the Fitch house and other homes, as size required, on the Thursday preceding every full moon until November 5, 1852 when the first meeting was held in Youngstown.

In 1872 the lodge leased a third story of a brick building opposite the Tod House. In 1902 Western Star joined with other Masonic bodies in planning a new Masonic Temple which was built on Wick Avenue in Youngstown.

In 1999 construction of the new temple in Boardman began and the lodge opened on July 14, 2000.

8387 Tod Avenue
Boardman, Ohio 44512
(330) 729-0458





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