Early Masonic Wooster Sterling Spoon

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This is an outstanding and very rare sterling silver souvenir spoon of historic significance. It is shown and described in the 1891 booklet "Souvenir Spoons of America" on pages 54 and 56.    The handle of this spoon shows a perfect likeness bust of General Wooster sitting atop the monument made in his honor after his death. The monument shows Wooster falling from his horse after being shot, ironically immediately after rallying his soldiers with the words "Come on, my boys; never mind such random shots."    At the base of the handle is an eagle.   The bowl of the spoon has a beautiful raised design of the house in which General Wooster died (in Danbury Connecticut) after being wounded in 1777.   According to the book, the image of the house is a perfect likeness, being patterned after a photograph which was taken the day before the house was torn down. The back of the spoon shows the back of Wooster's bust, as well as the back of the monument. Halfway down the back is a Masonic square and compass, as Wooster was instrumental in introducing the Masonic Order into his home county, as Hiram Lodge #1 of New Haven. The back is also marked STERLING, and PAT. APL'D FOR / F.L. WILSON. The spoon measures 5 1/4 inches long.




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