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Past Eminent Commanders Jewel

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This Past Eminent Commanders Jewel was presented by Demolay Commandery to Sir Knight Alexander B. Daniels for services rendered to his Commandery.  In the united States all regular assemblies of Knights Templar are called Commanderies, and must consist of the following officers:  Eminent Commander, Generalissimo, Captain-General, Prelate, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, Recorder, Warder, Standard-Bearer, Sword Bearer, and Sentinel.  These Commanderies derive their warrants of Constitution from a Grand Commandery, or, if there is no such body in the State in which they are organized, from the Grand Encampment of the United States.  They confer the Degrees of Companion of the Red Cross, Knight of Malta, and Knight Templar.  Under the present law of the Grand Encampment, Knight Templar of the United States, the Order of the Red Cross is conferred in the Council Chamber, the Order of Malta in a Priory and the Order of the Temple in the Asylum of the Commandery.  In a Commandery of Knights Templar, as familiar to Doctor Mackey, the throne is situated in the East.  Above it are suspended three banners: the center one bearing a cross, surmounted by a glory; the left one having inscribed on it the emblems of the Order, and the right one, a paschal lamb.  The Eminent Commander is seated on the throne; the Generalissimo, Prelate, and Past Commanders on his right; the Captain-General on his left; the Treasurer and Recorder, as in a Symbolic Lodge; the Senior Warden at the southwest angle of the triangle, and on the left of the third division; the Standard-Bearer in the West, between the Sword-Bearer on his right, and the Warder on his left; and in front of him is a stall for the initiate.   The Knights are arranged in equal numbers on each side, and in front of the Throne.   In England and Canada a body of Knights Templar is called a Preceptory.

The cross is a Passion Cross and is the cross on which Jesus suffered crucifixion.  It is the most common form of the cross.  When rayonnant, or having rays issuing from the point of intersection of the limbs, it is the insignia of the Commander of a Commandery of Knights Templar. 

Below is the Jewelry Catalog Page from 1922-23 showing different styles of Past Eminent Commanders Jewels

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Prices in this catalog represent the value of money in 1922-23... for gold that was about $21.00 per ounce.  Today, the value of gold is approx. $280.00 per ounce, so multiply the above listed catalog prices by at least 10 times to get a feel for what the current market value would be.




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