1892 York Rite Spoon - Colorado

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This sterling silver teaspoon was made by Whiting for the 1892 Silver Triennial Conclave of the Masonic Knights Templar in Colorado. The spoon is 5 7/8" long and weighs a solid 1 T. oz.  Whiting spoons are among the most scarce. The quality of craftsmanship on this one is outstanding. There is a great deal of Templar iconography incorporated in the design, with the crown and cross motif reiterated twice, and the crown and shield once. There is also a finely wrought panoramic view of "The Royal Gorge." The relief throughout is quite high. The backside is marked with the Whiting lion, the word sterling, the mark of the retailer, Green-Smith Co., and the words, Colorado Silver. The edge of the shank is also stamped, "pat. apl. 1892." Rainwater identifies Green-Smith as Denver retailers who promoted "Colorado silver." The condition is outstanding in every way. The piece is virtually mint, with an especially fine finish.




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