York Rite Enameled Watch FOB

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This watch fob is approximately 36mm in length and 22mm wide or 1 3/8 inches in length and 7/8 inches wide. It is marked "14 K" on the side of the fob on the very thick loop at the top. On one side is a raised relief engraved black, blue, and white enamel with the Sir Knight's name engraved on the top section, his initials in the middle of the Keystone and York, PA on the bottom. The enameling on both sides is all intact and in very nice condition. On the other side is blue, red, and white enamel Passion Cross and Crown with a highly engraved word   "Commandery" at the top and on the lower sides is engraved "York No.21".  In the center of the white enamel reads "IN HOC SIGNO VINCES", the Knight Templar motto which means:  "By this sign thou shall conquer". This York Rite, Knights Templer Fob weighs 11.8 grams or 7.6 dwt




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