by:  Albert Pike

Table of Contents

Title Page

Lodge of Perfection

I. Apprentice
II. The Fellow-Craft
III. The Master
IV. Secret Master
V. Perfect Master
IV. Intimate Secretary
VII. Provost and Judge
VIII. Intendant of the Building
IX. Elect of the Nine
X. Illustrious Elect of the Fifteen
XI. Sublime Elect of the Twelve, or Prince Ameth
XII. Grand Master Architect
XIII. Royal Arch of Solomon
XIV. Grand Elect, Perfect, and Sublime Mason

Chapter of Rose Croix

XV. Knight of the East or of the Sword
XVI. Prince of Jerusalem
XVII. Knight of the East and West
XVIII. Knight Rose Croix

Council of Kadosh

XIX. Grand Pontiff
XX. Grand Master of All Symbolic Lodges
XXI. Noachite, or Prussian Knight
XXII. Knight of the Royal Axe, or Prince of Libanus
XXIII. Chief of the Tabernacle
XXIV. Prince of the Tabernacle
XXV. Knight of the Brazen Serpent
XXVI. Prince of Mercy, or Scottish Trinitarian
XXVII. Knight Commander of the Temple
XXVIII. Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept
XXIX. Grand Scottish Knight of St. Andrew
XXX. Knight Kadosh


XXI. Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander
XXXII. Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret


Scanned at, January 2005. Proofed by David Lettelier. This text is in the public domain in the US because it was published prior to 1922. These files may be used for any non-commercial purpose, provided this notice of attribution is left intact in all copies.




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