"Celebrating Freemasonry"

Interviews with Masonic Authors, Artists, Craftsman and other Interesting Freemasons

Wor. Bro. Frederic L. Milliken, Executive Director for Phoenixmasonry

Wor. Bro. Michael Schiavello, Author of Know Thyself

Prolific Masonic Artist Ryan Flynn interviews with Phoenixmasonry Live!

33 & Beyond, The Royal Art of Freemasonry Film Creator Johnny Royal

Coach Nagy on Phoenixmasonry Live!

Bro. Jim McBeth and his Custom-made Knives

Live Interview with Concert Pianist Bro. Hando Nakhur

Masonic Historian and Author Dr. David Harrison

The Craftsmans Apron Interview with Bro. Patrick Craddock

Interview of Prince Hall Researcher and Author Tehuti Evans on Phoenixmasonry Live

Social Impact of Prince Hall Freemasonry in D.C., 1825-1900

Prince Hall Masonic Author Alton Roundtree on Phoenixmasonry Live

Terra Masonica Film Director, Tristan Bourlard's interview on Phoenixmasonry Live!

Martin Faulks, author and General Manager of Lewis Masonic on Phoenixmasonry Live!

Le Droit Humain-USA's Past Grand Master Interview on Phoenixmasonry Live!

Alchemically Stoned by Masonic author P.D. Newman on Phoenixmasonry Live!

Fran Foster, original 1990s Masonic TV Show Host interviews with Phoenixmasonry Live!

The Best of Fran Foster - TV Host of "What It Means To Be A Mason"

C. R. Dunning, Jr. Author of Contemplative Masonry

The Secret of a Successful Lodge - An Interview with Brother Rhit Moore

 Phoenixmasonry Live Interviews Brother Justin Jones

I Had A Dream ~ The Last Degree

Phoenixmasonry Live Interviews RW Frank Jackson

Native American Rituals & The Influence Of Freemasonry

Reaching Out to Masonic Seekers 2

Wor. Brother Ben Wallace and the Middle Chamber Masonic Education Program of North Carolina

Brother Nathan Tweedie discusses Freemasons In Baseball

We Revisit Concert Pianist Brother Hando Nahkur

Bringing Freemasonry Into The 21st Century



An Interview With Bro. James R Morgan III About His Book The Lost Empire





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