Secret Societies in America: Foundational Studies of Fraternalism

Co-Edited by Mark. A Tabbert & William D. Moore

Fraternal organizations, often called "secret societies" because of their proprietary ritual initiations, have thrived in America since the 1730s. Only recently, however, have they become the subject of rigorous academic scrutiny. Bringing together foundational studies in American fraternalism by respected journalists, historians, and sociologists, this volume seeks to contribute to a greater understanding of this aspect of American life. Two respected authorities in the field have carefully selected and edited writings which shed light on how contemporaries understood fraternalism during its golden age of the 1800s, document how the 20th centuries scholars understood these groups, and hopefully facilitate further research into this quintessentially characteristic American phenomenon.

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Introduction by Prof. William D. Moore, Ph.D., Boston University
Journalistic Studies

1- Harwood, W.S. "Secret Societies in America." 1897
2 - Hill, Walter, B. “The Great American Safety-valve.” 1892
3 - Foster, J.M. "Secret Societies and the State" 1898
4 - Harger, Charles Moreau, “The Lodge,” 1896
5 - Weir, Hugh C. "Romance of the Secret Society." 1911
6 - Merz, Charles. "Halt! Who comes There?." 1923
7 - Merz, Charles. "Sweet Land of Secrecy." 1927
8 - Lehman, Milton. "It takes three to make a lodge." 1948

Historical Studies
9 - Schlesinger, Sr., Arthur M. "Biography of a Nation of Joiners." 1944
10 - Davis, David Brion. “Some Themes of Counter-Subversion: An Analysis of Anti-Masonic, Anti-Catholic, and Anti-Mormon Literature.” 1960

Sociological Studies
11 - Simmel, Greg. "The Sociology of Secrecy and of Secret Societies." 1906
12 - Gist, Noel P. “Culture Patterning in Secret Society Ceremonials.” 1936
13 - Gist, Noel P., “Structure and Process in Secret Societies.” 1938

Insurance Studies
14 - Meyer, B.H. "Fraternal Beneficiary Societies in America." 1901
15 - Stevens, Albert Clark. "Fraternal insurance." 1900
16 - Landis, Abb. “Life Insurance by Fraternal Orders.” 1904
17 - Nichols, Walter S., “Fraternal Insurance: Its Character, Virtues and Defects” 1904
18 – Page, Walter H., “Insurance that Does Not Insure.” 1911
19 - Knight, Charles K., “Fraternal Life Insurance.” 1927






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