WEOFM Masonic Video Series

(WEOFM stands for Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry)

Reaching Everywhere   The Four Crowned Ones   The Gift of Irish Freemasonry   The Evolution of Scottish Freemasonry
Howie Damron, 32º  

Dr. John R. Wade, PM


Robert Bashford, PM


Robert L. D. Cooper, PM

The Old Charges Revisited   The Foundation of the Premier Grand Lodge in 1717   Origins and Development of Royal Arch Masonry   The Grand Lodges in British Colonies, 1850-1900

Professor Andrew Prescott


Dr. Christopher Powell


Yasha Beresiner, PM


Dr. Jim Daniel, PM

Freemasonry in India: Masonic Vedanta   A Vast Chain Extending Round the Whole World   The Revival of a Patriotic Order: Knights Templars   The Evolution of Scandinavian Freemasonry

Dr. Guy Beck, 32º


Professor Jessica Harland-Jacobs


Dr. Susan Mitchell Sommers


Dr. Andreas Onnerfors

The Royal Secret in the U.S. before 1801   The Grand Orient of France   The Coaches Coach   Freemasons and the Greek War of Independence

Dr. S. Brent Morris, PM


Michel Brodsky, PM


Dr. John S. Nagy


Andreas C. Rizopoulos, PM

Veiled in Allegory and Illustrated by  Symbols   The Dilemmas of Freemasonry and Masonic Education   The Catholic Church and Freemasonry   Why Ancients and Moderns

Chris McClintock, PM


Dr. Bob James


Michel Brodsky, PM


Professor Aubrey Newman, PM

Critical Reading of Masonic Literature   Albert Pike and the Five Civilized Tribes   A Visit with General Albert Pike   Journeying Eastward

Yoshio Washizu, PGM, Japan


Robert G. Davis, 33º


James T. Tresner, 33º


Ravi S. Kudesia

The Lausanne Congress   Of Mormons and Masons   The Way to the Centre   Fundamentalism and Freemasonry

William Almeida DeCarvalhon, 33º


Mark Koltko-Rivera


Julian Rees, PM


Gary Leaser, PM

The Alchemical Influence on the Gentle Craft   Exclusive Territorial Jurisdiction   The Birth of Internet Lodge No. 9659   The Philosophical Background for Masonic Symbolism

Tim Hogan, PM


Stewart W. Miner, PGM, Washington D.C.


Victor Sereno, PM


W. Kirk McNulty, PM

God and Geometry   An Historical Outline of Freemasonry on the Internet   Coaches Building Coaches   Is Freemasonry a Religion

Howard Coop, PM, KCCH


Trevor W. McKeown, PM


Dr. John S. Nagy


Dr. Anthony D. Fels


Jews in English Freemasonry

Part 1

Part 2

  Holiday Concert   A Timeline of High-Degree Masonry   The Evolution of South African Freemasonry
Professor Aubrey Newman, PM  

Howie Damron, 32º


Dr. S. Brent Morris, PM


Tom Webb, PDGM, South Africa


Prince Hall Masonry

Part 1

Part 2


Mozart, Music and Masonic Symbolism-An Exploration for the Uninitiated


Freemasonry in the Philippines

Part 1

Part 2

  Stand Up for Morality

Ralph McNeal, PHL, AZ


Ernest Chapman, 32º


Martin L. McGregor, PGL, NZ


Tim Bryce, PM

Freemasonry in Black and White   Scottish Working Lodges in Queensland Australia   The Ultimate Passport - The Masonic Apron   Freemasonry and Public Education (USA)

Charles M Harper Sr., 32º


RW  Paul Holland, SGW, UGLQ


Dr. Jerry Arthur Howard, PM


Shawn M. Gorley


The Reverend Dr. John Theophilus Desaguilers 1721 visit to Edinburgh, Scotland

  Building  Cement   House of Temple, Washington, D.C.   A Spurious State of Confusion

Dr. Trevor Stewart, PM


Dr. John Nagy


CTC 2013 Highlights


Charles M. Harper Sr.

From the Quarry to the Temple  

Freemasonry Defined

  Earning Freemasonry   King Solomon's Temple and its Significance for Freemasonry

Juan Sepulveda


Shawn M. Gorley


Adam T. Osman


Howard Coop, PM




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