Shrine of North America 

Portrait Plates

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1920's Shrine Vienna Tin Art Plate

Early Limoges Shrine Plate - "Praying towards the East"

1907 Shrine Portrait Plate - Oasis Scene

1910 Osiris Temple Portrait Plate of a Monk

Another 1910 Osiris Temple Portrait Plate of a Monk

1910 Salaam Shrine Temple Tip Tray

1926 Shenango China - "Happy Shriner" Plate

Early Zembo Shrine Temple Caricature Plate

1950 Portrait Plate and Money Clip depicting Comedian Harold Lloyd Imperial Potentate

1963 Syria Temple Potentate's Plate

1965 Ladies Oriental Shrine Plate - Portland Oregon

1972 Royal Copenhagen - "The Three Wise Men"

Medina Shrine Temple Gold Athletic Club Plate





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