The below listed degrees were translated from a Masonic "cypher" (code book) by an anti-Masonic fundamentalist Christian group and posted online at:

It was an attempt on their part to steer Masons away from their Lodges.  We removed their derogatory analysis of these degrees in an effort to allow Phoenixmasons (e-Masons) to draw their own conclusions and to serve as a teaching tool for those seeking "further Light" in Freemasonry.  Masonic ritual varies slightly from state to state, yet, the variations do not change the character of Masonic ritual as practiced in any particular Lodge. The striking similarity of the rituals of various states can be demonstrated by examining Masonic monitors.  Monitors often contain selected portions of ritual.  Commercially printed Masonic Monitors are readily available at many book stores.  Masonic "cyphers" are commonly used as a memory aid for those who are learning the degree work within the Lodge.  These cyphers contain one to several letters which represent each and every word in the ritual.  Grand Lodges publish these cyphers which are given as study aids to those who are "raised" to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason and the ritual is unique to their respective jurisdictions.  These Masonic monitors and cyphers contain statements as to the Grand Lodge's authoritative interpretation of the meaning of the ritual.  

Here at Phoenixmasonry we too take to heart the biblical scripture of Ephesians Chapter 5 Verse 11:  "Have nothing to do with the evil deeds of darkness, but rather reprove them".  When the Degrees of Freemasonry are witnessed and enjoyed in their proper context, they stand triumphant over the evil deeds of darkness and reveal the true tenants for which they stand... Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

 "Table of Contents"

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Entered Apprentice Degree - Introduction

Entered Apprentice Degree - Opening the Lodge

Entered Apprentice Degree -  The Degree

Entered Apprentice Degree - Lecture

Entered Apprentice Degree - Charge

Entered Apprentice Degree - Closing the Lodge

Entered Apprentice Degree - Examination

Fellowcraft Degree - Introduction

Fellowcraft Degree - Opening the Lodge

Fellowcraft Degree - The Degree

Fellowcraft Degree - Lecture

Fellowcraft Degree - Charge

Fellowcraft Degree - Closing the Lodge

Fellowcraft Degree - Examination

Master Mason Degree - Introduction

Master Mason Degree - Opening the Lodge

Master Mason Degree - The Degree

Master Mason Degree - Second Section

Master Mason Degree - Lecture

Master Mason Degree - Charge

Master Mason Degree - Closing the Lodge

Master Mason Degree - Examination




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