Fraternalism in America

   April 2019

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(Please note that many of the fraternities listed in this section have no real connection to Freemasonry.  Many of these Orders were created and established by Masons but they are not recognized as being apart of the Masonic fraternity.)

An Illustrated History of American Fraternalism

Name and Status Changes of Fraternal Benefit Societies

Chronology of Fraternal Organizations in America

   AAOOAA  AEO of Sciots  American Legion  AOUW    AOKMC  

Artisian Order of Mutual Protection   Black Orders   The Bohemian Club and Grove  

Catholic Orders    Christian Endeavor   Civil War Orders   Council of Engineers   Crusade Orders    

DAR    Druids   Dual Orders   Eagles   E Clampus Vitus   Elks

Epworth League  Foresters   GAR   Grange   Greek Fraternity Pins  

Haymakers    Heptasophs   International Orders and Decorations   

 Jewish Orders   Jr. OUAM     Ku Klux Klan   K.G.E.   Knights and Ladies of Ehud

Knights of Birmingham    Knights of the Golden Circle   Knights of Friendship

 Knights of Labor   Mystic Knights of the Sea  Knights of Malta  

Knights of Pythias  Knights of St. John   Lions  Maccabees  Masonic Square Clubs

Military Orders    Moose    Imperial Order of Muscovites     NEOP    Odd Fellows

OOH&P/AMOS    Orange Order    Order of Lafayette    Order of Owls    Order of the Secret Monitor

Order of St. George   Organic FOBs    Oriental Order of the Palm and Shell

Police   P.O.S. of A.   Primrose League    Railroad Orders   

RAOB (Buffalos)   Red Men    Royal Arcanum    Royal Highlanders   

Sons of England   Scottish-American Clans   Shepherds of Bethlehem   Skulls and Bones    Stonecutters  

Tribe of Ben Hur  Temperance Orders   Tin Can Tourists    Townsend Clubs   Turtles 

  United Commercial Travelers    Veterans' Fun-and-Honor Orders

   Woodmen     Yeomen     Miscellaneous & Mystery Orders

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Bibliography and

Sources of Information

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