Masonic Working Tools

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"There is a mystical virtue in right angles.  There is an unspoken morality in seeking the level and the plumb.  A house will stand, a table will bear weight, the sides of a box will hold together only if the joints are square and the members upright.  When the bubble is lined up between two marks etched in the glass tube of the level, you have aligned yourself with the forces that hold the universe together."               Scott Russell Sanders

Replica of the Ark of the Covenant

Masonic Wages Box from Jerusalem

Common Gavel from Jerusalem

Silver Masonic Presentation Trowel

George Washington's Hourglass

George Washington's Silver and Ivory Trowel

George Washington's Walnut Masonic Square

Wooden Masonic Square Summons

Beautiful Solid Gold Square and Compass Set dtd 1785

Early Sterling Silver Senior Deacon's Folding Square

Sterling Silver Masonic Compasses

14ct Gold Set of Square and Compasses

Tool Chest Legacy  by Brother Henry O. Studley

Assorted Masonic Levels

The Masonic Skirret

Early Lodge Ballot/Voting Box

Early Gavel with Silver Plate Engravings

Early Stonemason's Setting Maul

Boxwood and Brass 24 Inch Gage

S. J. Addes Masonic Chisel Set

Miniature Set of Ivory Working Tools

Trowel Book Mark with Red Agate Handle

Portable Leather Case with Corn, Wine and Oil

Samuel L. Clemens alias "Mark Twain" Gavel

Early Engraved Burl Wood Setting Maul Gavel

Statue of "The Broken Column" with Father Time and the Weeping Virgin

Pictures of Various Masonic Trowels

Paperweight Anvil from Eagle River Lodge No. 248 F. & A.M.

"A Mason Made from the Tools of His Lodge"




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