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Full Size Replica - Ark of the Covenant

William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody's Walking Cane

1925 Knight Templar Stand Alone Ashtray

Drill Performance Trophies of St. Bernard Commandery No. 35

1873 Morton Commandery No. 4 50th Anniversary Invitation

Allegheny Commandery No. 35 Dresser Box

1903 Kadosh Commandery Silver Trophy Cup

1906 Duquesne Commandery No. 72 K.T. Inkwell

1898 Tancred Commandery No. 48 Umbrella Stand

1910 Knights Templar 31st Triennial Souvenir from Chicago

1913 Denver Cmdry No. 1 Drill Competition Prize

1913 Denver Commandery No. 25 Letter Opener

1916 Knight Templar Triennial Bud Vase

1919 Knight Templar Brass Dresser Box

1915 General Grand Chapter RAM Metal Match Holder

1925 Seattle Commandery No. 2 Bronze Chapeau

1925 Knight Templar 36th Triennial Conclave Brass Bell

1886 23rd Conclave Knight Templar Anheuser Busch Matchsafe

1889 24th Conclave Knight Templar Anheuser Busch Matchsafe

1892 25th Conclave Knight Templar Anheuser Busch Matchsafe

Rare 1919 4-Door Templar Sportette Automobile

Another Early Knight Templar Sword Letter Opener

Early Bronze York Rite Door Plate

Knight Templar Pocket Knife

Early Duquesne Commandery No. 72 Paperweight

1946 Grand Chapter Coal Paperweight

Lincoln Park Royal Arch Chapter No. 177 Cameo Paperweight

Early Knight Templar Widow's Pin

Ascalon Commandery No. 59 Etched Glass Creamer

1907 30th Triennial Conclave Spoon - Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Early Knight Templar Postcard

1901 Kentucky Knights Templar Spoon

1901 Tancred Commandery No. 48 Candlesticks

York Rite Masonic Spoon from South Dakota

1901 Knight Templar Spoon from Kentucky

Chicago Commandery No. 19 KT Oval Brass Box

Early Knights Templar California Souvenir Spoon

Knight Templar Cross and Crown Marble Plaque

1910 Knight Templar Spoon from the 31st Triennial in Chicago

1925 Knight Templar Spoon from the 36th Triennial in Seattle

Beautiful Silver and Enameled Spoon - Wichita, Kansas

1995 Grand Commandery 142nd Annual Conclave Hot Plate

Rare Figural Sterling Silver Spoon of George Washington

Knight Templar Bookends

1901 Grand Commandery of West Virginia Paperweight





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