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The Ragains Masonic Rifle

Another Inlaid Masonic Rifle

Miniature Masonic Lodge Room Diorama

Full Size Replica - Ark of the Covenant

The Mercy Seat, Cherubim, and Shekinah Glory

Vanitas Vanitatum Painted by Brother Jens Rusch

Masonic Sculpture of Brother Andrew Jackson

Masonic Wax Seal Collection - Pre Third Reich

Newspaper Death Notice of Brother George Washington

Newspaper Lodge Summons of M. W. Paul Revere

Masonic Bookplate or Ex-Libris Collection

Russian Masonic Dresser/Jewelry Box

Italian Made Masonic Dresser/Jewelry Box

Masonic Crystal Wax Seal Set circa 19th Century

Early 19th Century Masonic Ivory & Gold Wax Seal

Early Masonic Lecture Cloth circa 1806

B & O Railroad Masonic Signal Lantern Presentation

Nice Navajo Indian Rug w/ Masonic Emblems

Illinois "Save or Lodges" Masonic Musical Snow Globe

Harry S Truman Sculpture by Artist Tom Clark

Early Oak Covered Dish Dinner Box

Early George Washington Collar Box

Hand-made Mahogany Masonic Jewelry Box

Brother George Washington Sebastian Miniature

Masonic Home Collection Bank

Early Masonic Light Bulb

Masonic Pillar and Globe Lamp

Early Masonic and Shrine Tail Light Lenses

Masonic Glass Marble

Masonic Stringholder

Early Masonic Desk Bell

Masonic Four Color Tile by Wheeling

U.S.S. Constitution Masonic Sebastian Miniature

"Three Great Lights" Sebastian Miniature

1868 Masonic Die Cut Hand Fan / Dance Card / Program

Navajo Indian Rug with the Square & Compasses - circa 1950

100th Anniversary Ribbon (1799-1899) Commemorating the Death of Worshipful Brother George Washington

Masonic Tarot Card Deck

1935 Zeredatha Lodge No. 483 Dresser Box






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