Tracing Boards, Posters & 

Membership Certificates

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Wooden Tracing Board made by Pyrography

Tracing Boards from St. Andrews Lodge No. 1817

Early Tracing Boards from the United Grand Lodge of England

Tracing Boards by Lady Frieda Harriis

Masonic Artwork by Worshipful Brother Ferenc Sebok

Masonic Mutual Benefit Society Insurance Certificate

Tool Chest Legacy  by Brother Henry O. Studley

Masonic Woven Carpet Circa 1800's

The "Light of Masonry" Frame & Certificate

1887 - "From Darkness to Light" Membership Poster

Poster of Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist

1866 "Three Degrees of Freemasonry" Litho & Frame

1867 Lithograph of "George Washington as a Freemason"

1867 Chromolithograph of a Masonic Membership Certificate

Early "Masonic Record" Certificate Litho in Color

Beautiful Hand-colored Print of the "Four Cardinal Virtues"

1920's Masonic Presidents Poster

Leo Taxil Original Poster from 1886

The "Three Grand Masters" Limited Edition Print

1868 "The Master's Carpet" by John Sherer

Modern Reprint Poster of the Execution of Jacques de Molay

The Iron Worker and King Solomon

Print of Gerhard Schott's Model of King Solomon's Temple

The Cover Photo of Masonic News - August 1927






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